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No Computer Required

Magic Jack, the wonder device which has created ripples in the international as well as domestic calling industry, is all set to go to the next pedestal by continuously working on its limitations. Although, this device has more or less become a part and parcel of so many lives, it does come with some shortcomings. One such major limitation of Magic Jack has been that it can work with only a computer or a laptop. It is like a normal USB device to look at which can be plugged into the USB port of any workable laptop or computer and by connecting its other end (which is in the form of a jack) to a standard landline telephone the user can make calls to almost any landline or mobile phone. The advantages are plenty in terms of low cost calling but there are instances when a user is not able to catch hold of a computer or laptop. And also there might be a situation wherein if you have a computer but the internet isn’t working at the required speed. In all such situations, the usage of Magic Jack becomes restricted. 

Understanding this restriction and the kind of hindrance it has proved to be in the smooth usage of Magic Jack, the company recently released an iPhone application. Yes, you heard it right. It is now possible to use your Magic Jack device with an iPhone, instead of plugging it into a laptop or computer. So you can now use your iPhone to make calls to any US and Canadian numbers or for that matter any Magic Jack number in the world – for free. Using this newly introduced software on your iPhone, you can save on to your mobile minutes and also no voice plan is required. It is a completely free app that works best with Wi-Fi or 4G. 

People who have never used Magic Jack earlier and are new to this concept are given two options by the company. One is that you can go for a test drive in which you do not require any proper account and can start making calls to Canadian or US landline as well as mobile numbers. The second option is to go for a free phone number through which you can make or receive free calls and can also have access to free voice mail. As for the existing customers who already have an active Canadian or US phone number, on their Magic Jack account they can directly sign in to the app and can start making or receiving free calls. They can even use the same number on all other Magic Jack devices and services.

The biggest benefit of using this newly discovered app is the cost benefit. As against the existing plug in device wherein you need to pay separately for the device as well as services, you just pay $20 for the services and the software can be downloaded for free. So with just $20 a year, you are all set to replace your traditional landline phone permanently along with its sky rocketing monthly bills. Once you pay for the services, the company provides you with a real phone number that can be used to make or receive calls. And after downloading the software, all your existing iPhone contacts can very easily be imported to the new app. To add on to this, the international call rates are pretty nominal (much cheaper as compared to the landline phone rates as well as other voice over internet services rates) with an excellent call quality. Also, there is a provision to add an extra line for just $10 a year.

So, all those who were on a look out for a cheap Wi-Fi calling solution with mobility should surely grab this opportunity at the earliest. 

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