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By now, almost all of you must be aware of the magic that Magic Jack has created worldwide. Everywhere it is being talked about how Magic Jack USB device can help you get rid of your landline phone along with its exorbitant monthly bills. This device can be used with or without a computer or laptop and when connected to a landline phone, it can help you make free calls to almost any phone in Canada and the United States. But is all this hype about this small device only because it helps you make free calls. The straight answer to this is, NO. Magic Jack comes with plenty of additional features which may not be provided directly by the company but can be used by downloading some software which are in tandem with the device itself.

Personalizing Voice Mail – With Magic Jack, you have an option to personalize your voice mail greeting. For this, dial Magic Jack number and press star key “*” on hearing the greeting. Set the default password as “1234”, then record a personal greeting by navigating the voice menus and change your password.

Blocking Caller ID – Although Magic Jack does not have an option of not displaying caller ID on outbound calls, you can however make calls via Skype by downloading the Skyjack software plug-in. This will block your caller ID.

Displaying Caller’s Name – While making outbound calls via Magic Jack, only the caller’s number is displayed. But you can have both i.e. the caller’s name as well as number displayed by using the Magicfeatures software plug in. 

Three -Way Calling – Magic Jack does not have an option of three- way calling on outbound calls. However, three-way calling can be done by making the other parties call you. To go about it, ask both the parties to call you. When one of them is on the line and the other one is on call waiting, press double hash “##” and the three-way calling is initiated. In order to end the call, simply press “#*” and the call gets disconnected.

Enabling Priority Ringing – Although the feature of priority or distinctive ringing does not come with the device, it can be activated by downloading Magicfeatures software plug in. With the help of this software, simply a list of numbers need to be specified and whenever you will receive a call from those numbers, you will hear a distinct ringing thus making them easily identifiable. Along with this, a priority call waiting feature is also available through which whenever an important call is on waiting, you are immediately alerted of the same.

Recording Call Conversations – You can record your phone call conversations by downloading the Magicfeatures software plug in for Magic Jack and whenever you make or receive a call, simply press triple star “***” and the call recording will start. 

Call Forwarding – this can be done by simply logging in into the web based account of Magic Jack and enabling or disabling the call forwarding feature. Besides this, you can also download the Magicfeatures software and with the help of it can enable or disable call forwarding by dialing 72/73.

Disabling 911 – Magic Jack has an enhanced 911 feature and the closest that anyone can come to disable it is by providing a completely invalid address. There is a window showing the 911 address at the bottom of the soft phone. Click on this window and then click “Add New Location”. Login and provide a completely invalid address. On saving and making this address the currently selected one in your soft phone, any response to the 911 call will be disabled, turning the 911 indicator yellow.

Hence, Magic Jack is not just a free calling device but is a complete package like any other traditional calling devices. It’s truly magic in a Jack. 

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