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Is Magic Jack A Scam ?

Each one of you, at some or the other point must have seen a late night television commercial, asking you to do away with your land line telephone and use something called ‘Magic Jack’. At that moment you might have felt irritated and not even listened to what the commercial is all about, specially so if it was disrupting your favorite movie. But the matter of fact is if you are one of those people who want to scream out on seeing their phone bills, Magic Jack is your only savior.

Although all the hype surrounding the success of Magic Jack is hard to believe, the continuous testing of the device has revealed that you can actually save more than $500 every year as compared to your normal landline phone usage. The device is available at a nominal price of $39.95 in which one year of unlimited domestic service is included. And after this, the price drops to $19.95 for every successive year. Thus, this device not only costs less than a normal landline phone but is even cheaper in comparison to other Voice over Internet systems like Skype and Vonage. The unlimited US-Canada plan in Skype costs around $65.40 a year with an additional $27 to $170 for a Skype phone, in case the user is not comfortable using a microphone on PC or a Skype enabled cell phone. Same is the story with Vonage, its lowest priced plan costs $17.99 a month which comes out to be $215.88 a year and is also limited to an outbound talk time of 500 minutes. 

So, what is this wonder device all about? Magic Jack is a device that can be plugged into a computer’s USB port and has a standard RJ-11 phone jack on the other end for plugging in any standard phone, thus allowing the user to make calls to almost any phone in Canada and US. A device attached to the host computer and using telephony services available at the related YMAX Corporation, it provides cheap and convenient internet based telephone service to its users. In other words, it is a simple USB device, which on one end holds the software that is necessary to make internet based calls using an internet connection of high speed and on the other end has a Subscriber Line Interface Circuit which helps direct plugging in of a conventional landline phone into the device. 

Invented by the founder of YMAX Corporation, Dan Borislow, this device has a customer base of more than 5.4 million people and is expected to grow even more as the company plans to replace the existing plug in device with a software only model which will have an additional benefit of allowing the customers to make international calls as well. Those who are already using the Magic Jack device can continue to do so or have an option to switch over to the software model by downloading a free copy of the same. In addition to this, Borislow also plans to introduce another plug in gadget with the help of which cell phone users can make calls without their minutes being used, provided they stay within the range of the device.

Apart from all the above benefits, you even get a phone number, free directory assistance, voice mail and call waiting service absolutely free with your Magic Jack device. And what more, you can even carry the device with you on your travelling expeditions. Thus power packed with all these advantages Magic Jack is certainly a magical experience which can be felt in the Real world without the fear of losing it. 

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