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Magic Jack Fax Number

Does the magic jack number you get also allow you to send faxes out? There are people who say yes they have got this to work and there are people who say no they haven’t got it to work. Many people say that if you are hooking a fax machine up to your magic jack and the fax is not sending, you have to bring the send speed down on your fax machine. Many people said this works and many said it does not work, so me being the magic jack review writer that I am I decided to try it out for myself. 

I hooked up a brother MFC-5860CN fax machine up to one of my magic jack numbers and did not get it to work.  Like I said before I have three magic jack numbers so I tried to send a fax out from my second number. This didn’t work as well. When it came to my last magic jack number it didn’t work when I put the speed on high, but did finally work when I slowed down the speed. My final conclusion to this is, if you want to have it work you can but you may get frustrated on how many times it will take you to send a fax out. If you run a business and this is going to be your main fax line save yourself the anger and just don’t do it!

I will update this post when i get new information on this topic..

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