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Magic Jack Worldwide

There has recently been a lot of talking around about a device called ‘Magic Jack’, not only in the United States where it has originated but also in places outside of US. Many people are talking about a wonder device that helps you make free calls to Canada and the United States. But at the same time a lot of apprehensions are coming into the picture with regards to its usage, the most prevalent being that the device doesn’t work outside the United States.

These speculations have been making rounds, particularly in the current era where friends and family stay in a scattered manner, separated by physical or geographical barriers and the need for communication, particularly low cost communication is very high. Are you one of those students who are studying in a Canadian University with family staying back in India and find it very expensive to call them on a daily basis? Or are you one of those IT professionals from Singapore who is working in the United States but has to part with almost half of the monthly income in making calls to friends and family back home? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are yet to come across the magical device, popularly known as Magic Jack. In simple words, it is a small device which is like a USB on one end so that it can be plugged into the USB port of any normal computer or laptop. The other end is in the form of a phone jack, like the ones you find hanging from the wall into which any traditional landline phone can be connected. Magic Jack basically acts as a link between your normal landline phone and an internet connection that to provide you with a voice over internet service, certainly cheaper than what is provided by Skype or Vonage. 

So in order to experience this magic the only thing you need to do is to get your own Magic Jack. Once you have the device in hand, plug it into your computer or laptop and connect the other end to a landline phone, switch on your internet connection and register the device online to obtain a US based phone number. Once the device is plugged into the computer, it installs a small software which is basically a dialer with all your contacts and if you are using somebody else’s computer, then you can easily kill the app before leaving. The device costs $20 and with a $20 annual fee you are all set to make unlimited calls to Canada and US and can even call other countries at a very nominal cost. The connected landline phone need not be from US and if you don’t feel comfortable using a traditional calling instrument, just plug in your headset and switch the device to headset operation without compromising on the quality of call. The only pre requisite is that you must have a high speed internet connection, preferably a broadband network which can easily support the call volume. 

But you need to exercise caution while shopping for this device. If you try to purchase the product online or in a real market as well, there are many scammers who easily dupe customers by selling them fake products. So try to buy Magic Jack locally through a known and credible vendor or better still, have your relatives staying in the United States bring the device personally along with them whenever they visit you. Also, if the product is sent by mail from US to any other country, the recipient may be asked to pay duties that are exorbitant in amount.

So now whenever you get a chance, go out and pick your own Magic Jack and kiss goodbye to expensive calling…!!! 

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  1. Eugene Garvin Wilson

    I am unable to renew my magicjack subscription as I had to uprade my creditcard data. After numerous attempts I keep getting error messages. When I try to call support I am informedthat I cannot access the number(s) as I live in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago) which is outside the US and Canada. Please assist. My email is and my phone number is 18683101648

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