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The Install Process

The Install process of the Magic Jack is very simple and straight forward. When you receive your magicjack, you open it and plug it into a USB port. It is said that the best port to plug your magicjack in is the one in the front of your computer. I was told to not use a USB multi port.

After plugging the magicjack into your computer, it will take a few minutes to load up. This is normal. Do not turn your computer off or do anything. The way they have it setup is simple. It is plug and play.

At a point in the setup you will have the option to select a vanity number if you want. A lot of businesses use this feature because they want to stand out their business with a slim pick of the last 4 digits. I tend to not care about the last 4 digits but I know people who swear by it that it helps their business bring more income in. 

The install process should take you anywhere between 20-45 minutes before you get your magic jack number for the first time setting it up. After you setup your magicjack for the first time, the loading time takes around 30 seconds from when you plug it into your computer to when you get a dial tone. You will see a window popup with a magic jack unit image that says something along the lines of  “please wait a minute for a lifetime of savings”

As of September 2010, The MagicJack does not offer a 1800 number. I did hear that they are working on this. I currently have another company for my 1800 number called ringcentral. They are very fair priced for unlimited package. I own three magic jack numbers and a 1800 ring central number. This would be a great feature for small businesses that would want to portray there company as being bigger than it really is. If you have a 1800 number you can forward it directly to any number of your choice. The Forwarding feature is included with the Magic Jack Service. 

To wrap it all up the Magic Jack install process is  simple and easy to follow. Like I said before, be prepared to take 20-45 minutes to set i up and walk through all the tabs.

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  1. I live in Sudbury. you say therer is a phone # I can call buy I cant get to it on my computer. will you let me know what it is?

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