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Magic Jack might be a small device to look at but the benefits are not limited to its size. Invented by an expert in the field of VOIP technology, Dan Borislow, this product has revolutionized the calling market by providing ways through which you can cut down on your calling bill by a considerable amount. In today’s era, communication is one of the most important attributes of human society. It helps you in expressing yourself and understanding others which is a necessary pre requisite for any task to be performed. And all the more if the communicating parties are separated by physical or geographical barriers. In such a scenario, the price of communicating with each other should not act as a barrier. But Magic Jack has proved to be the utmost solution to this problem. Available at a pretty affordable price of $40 ($20 for the device and another $20 for service), it aims at disappearing hundreds of dollars off your monthly phone bill.

The biggest benefit of Magic Jack is certainly the cost benefit i.e. it provides the cheapest call rates in the United States and Canada. Apart from this, the device which looks like a normal USB is pretty easy to use by plugging it into the USB port of any working laptop or computer and attaching any standard landline phone into its RJ-11 phone jack. So if you have high speed internet connection preferably Broadband and the computer is on, you can easily make or receive calls to almost any phone in Canada and US along with an option of free domestic calling within the United States. In case the computer is shut down, messages go to voicemail which is stored on the Magic Jack servers and is delivered via email. Thus, the product does the job well for which it has been introduced – to make and receive calls. 

Given the fact that it is a voice over internet service, the clarity of calls is exceptionally well. Although it cannot compete with the clarity of a traditional landline phone, it certainly proves to be better than the cell reception that most people get. Also, along with device itself, you get several additional benefits like a new phone number, directory assistance for free, voice mail and call waiting service. Although Magic Jack performs almost all the functions of a traditional landline phone, it comes with an additional feature of mobility, which means you can carry the device with you during travel. It is not necessary that Magic Jack must be connected to a landline phone only. While travelling, you can activate the headset feature of the device and start using it by plugging in a headset into your laptop.

To add-on to the already existing benefits, plans are being made to do away with the hassles of using a plug in device by replacing it with a software only model which will give the customers an additional feature of making international calls. Customers who are already using the plug in device have an option of downloading the software for free. Also, now even the cell phone users might be able to make free calls by using a similar plug in gadget which the company is planning to introduce shortly. 

Thus, all in all, the entire proposal seems quite tempting. If you are one of those people who can accept a product which might have some limitations, then Magic Jack is the best deal for you. This low cost and convenient to use device might not be as efficient as a traditional landline phone but it certainly does provide better services than other voice over internet providers like Skype and Vonage, both in terms of quality as well as price.

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