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Magic Jack Support

[tube]F4fxrip5u9Y[/tube] Magic Jack, though an astonishingly amazing device which can actually waive off your monthly phone bill completely, does come with a set of problems of its own. As nothing in this world is perfect, the same holds true for Magic Jack as well. With an aim towards improvisation, the company introduced four different generations of the same device one after the other, with each new generation being an improved version of the previous one. But still the device may have certain flaws or there might be issues with its usage. Various quick fix solutions are available to deal with certain simple and small time problems. But in case the problem refuses to go, the ideal way is to contact the Magic Jack customer support center.

The customer service for Magic Jack USB device works in a slightly different manner. Although the company does provide an unadvertised contact number for support related to billing issues but in case of technical support, no such information is available. Technical issues are dealt with only through chat. As explained by the inventor of the USB device, Dan Borislow, Magic Jack has a highly efficient technical support team which will instantly know in case you have any issues with your internet speed or the computer itself. In both these cases, the user is notified of the same and is asked to go ahead and get the issue fixed up as it lies outside the realm of Magic Jack support. Having sorted out these two issues, other problems related to the device not working properly or service issues are dealt with through the chat session. 

While using the Magic Jack technical support session, one is advised to stay prepared for a lengthy chat session. So it will be better to start the chat when you have lots of free time available and are in the right frame of mind so as to avoid getting worked up unnecessarily. The only thing worth understanding is that before a problem is escalated or a replacement is provided, this chat session is a formality that the support group is required to take you through.

Once you have spent more than three hours in the support chat, going through the standard resolutions, but still the problem hasn’t been resolved, you have all the right to request an escalation of your issue. In case an escalation is requested you will be made to touch base with a chat supervisor from where your issue will be escalated to the engineering staff. For this no contact information or a tracking number would be provided and in order to know the status of your escalation, you will again have to go back to the support chat and request for updates. 

In certain cases, it was observed that in case a user was not able to get any solution for a problem while sitting in the support chat for the first time did get his/her problem resolved on contacting the support group for the next time (after a few hours or few days). This implies that the chat rep you get to speak to is responsible for the quality of support you receive. Or else the company keeps a record of your issues and gets them resolved to avoid undue hassles when you call in for the second time.

As per Dan Borislow, Magic Jack will never provide its users with a customer service number because he feels that resolving issues through online chat support is quite a progressive and efficient move. And as can be observed, more and more companies are now using the online customer support service, so Magic Jack is certainly not alone. Also, the point worth noting is that most of the companies do not have an amazing customer service track record, whether it be online or through calls. 

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  1. I currently have a magic jack with a Canadian phone number assigned. I would like to cancel that phone number and transfer our existing home phone number to it. Our current home phone is with Rogers. Is this possible? How do I do it and what cost?

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