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Troubleshooting Methods

Magic Jack, like every other product introduced by mankind, comes with its own set of flaws. As we all know, it has been very famously quoted that everything has its own pros and cons. And this holds true for every person, thing and situation in this world, nothing is absolutely perfect. But when there are problems, proper ways are devised to deal with them effectively. And the same holds true in the case of Magic Jack as well. Here, we look at various issues that may arise while using the device and how one can deal with them in the most efficient manner.

Handset Issues – The handset that you use with your Magic Jack device may create certain problems. The most commonly observed issues with handsets are caller id not displayed on the handset, no or very low volume at the receiving end, phone doesn’t ring on incoming calls and the soft phone doesn’t recognize numbers when pressed on the keypad of the handset. In order to fix all these issues, the soft phone’s menu needs to be checked and made sure that it is set for telephone. Also, in case of volume issues, the headset volume control should be experimented with as different machines work with different microphone volumes. In case nothing works, try using a different handset. This is because different handsets work with different power requirements. It is highly recommended to use handsets having their own power source. 

USB Issues – This problem might arise due to the fact that the manufacturers of some of the external hubs skimp on power or else due to the relatively high power requirement of the Magic Jack USB device, especially when used in combination with headsets which require high power to function. The quick fix solution for this issue is to go in for a powered USB hub. But as even powered hubs can skimp on power, try using it with nothing else connected to the hub. While buying a hub, Magic Jack users highly recommend the one with a large power supply.

Connector Issues – Some of the users have reported that the cable provided along with the Magic Jack device isn’t that of high quality and might create problems with the handset which causes the system to shutdown or the soft phone to restart mysteriously. The quickest solution for this is to try fitting the device directly into the USB port of your computer or laptop or to use another extension cable of high quality. 

Echo Problem – This problem was more profound in the earlier generation devices which had to be dealt with using an echo cancellation utility. In the new generations, the device has an in built anti echo feature but the problem may sometimes still persist. There are some fast fix ups to deal with this. You can turn the microphone volume down in the soft phone’s menu. Or a DSL filter can be used between the handset and the Magic Jack USB device. Also while in headset mode, try and use the headphones and your regular microphone in place of computer speakers.

Disconnecting Calls – This problem is occasionally reported by many users when all of a sudden the call gets disconnected. This is mainly caused due to wireless interference when you are connected to your router through a wireless connection. In order to solve this issue, try disabling the wireless connection from your router’s admin screen or your own computer and actually connect to the router with the help of a wire.

Soft Phone Restart – There might be instances when the soft phone stops or restarts, all of a sudden. This happens when the USB device is not connected properly. To solve this problem, try using an extension cable of high quality or plug in the device directly into the system’s USB port. 

By following these simple steps you can quickly overcome some of the common issues which accompany the use of the Magic Jack device. In case the problem still persists or you are not satisfied with the results, kindly contact the Magic Jack customer support group.

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